Free distance Reiki healing for a week


If you want healing contact me via this page to get the distance healing.
Write your full name and  in which country you live and the city. Insert your photo.
Distance Reiki healing will be sent via a Chi ball.
I will contact you before.

You can receive healing at any time but I recommend that you receive when you go to sleep
As the body is most relaxed.
You are welcome to send a new request if you feel
you need more healing after a week
You can also ask for healing for someone else, as long as they have given their consent,

indicating who should receive healing and put in order,

You are Welcome!

The Etheric Chi Ball Method I use involves sending Personal Remote Energy Healing and Attunements to you the recipient, by sending them to the Universe in a Chi Ball where it waits for you to “call it down” to you to reap the benefits filled within it. This method of receiving energy healing attunements is very empowering as you yourself personally connect to the Universe to collect the Energy Healing.






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