About Me

Iím a lively lady with good sense of humor; I have passion for people that like procedures and enjoy good information that stimulates my creativity. I am not complicated. I'm open, honest and curious! Easy to speak with, fond and has let to laughter, sensitive, careful, considerate and easy to socialize with. I like meeting new people gladly with different experiences. Both ethnic, cultural and from experience

I am certified Reiki Master Healer Teacher, therapist and spiritual teacher.

I work with healing at a distance in Europe and also in other leather such as the United States, Japan, China, Africa, Venezuela, Indie

My interests:

My biggest interests are Reiki Healing,Taking root short.The life on the other side,Astra lodging,Pairing psycholodging,Stones&Crystals,videofilm,photograph,musical(blues,jazz,soul)documentary films,sport,repair food, type poems and short stories, read, home furnishings etc.




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